WestSpace, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Image: Matthew Stanton
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Victoria is a state in love with art and celebrates it everywhere, from big city galleries and renowned regional exhibition spaces to community festivals and local artists' studios. Travel the length and breadth of Victoria, taking in creativity at every turn. See the country's finest works and acclaimed international exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria, head to openings at contemporary galleries hidden in Melbourne's labyrinthine laneways, and attend travelling exhibitions at famous regional galleries in Castlemaine, Benalla, Ballarat and along the Mornington Peninsula.


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Hamilton Quilters: Two Colour Harmony

Hamilton Quilters: Two Colour Harmony

8 Sep - 2 Nov 2014


There has been a renewed interest in craft and needlework in recent years as traditional arts and crafts enjoy a revival with a younger generation....

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Warlayirti and Garnkiny

16 Sep - 8 Nov 2014


RMIT Gallery presents two important Aboriginal art exhibitions - Warlayirti: The Art of Balgo, and Garnkiny: Constellations of Meaning. Warlayirti:...

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19 Sep - 30 Nov 2014


What eats dinosaurs for breakfast? Meet Sarchosuchus Imperator, 'flesh crocodile emperor,' the largest crocodilian to ever roam the earth. Supercroc...

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Time & Place 2

Time and Place 2

19 Sep - 4 Nov 2014


From $5 - $5

Bright Art Gallery looks forward to another spectacular exhibition of Aboriginal art never before seen in North East Victoria. Works have been...

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Hyper-Natural: Scent from Design to Art

25 Sep - 30 Nov 2014


Anchored within the world of scent, Hyper-Natural explores how designers in the medium of scent select synthetic fragrances to put together...

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Vider Paris

Vider Paris

25 Sep - 25 Oct 2014


Vider Paris, an early work by renowned French artist Nicolas Moulin, is a software-based installation that presents a series of still images of...

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Faux Novel

26 Sep - 23 Oct 2014


Faux Novel celebrates the shift between the material and the immaterial in contemporary art. By focusing on signs in images, Hill and Lacroix play on...

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'Moodscapes' Exhibition at The Convent Gallery

Moodscapes Exhibition at The Convent Gallery

28 Sep - 11 Nov 2014


The works in this exhibition explore the natural environment through a range of Moodscapes. These Moodscapes represent an alternative view of the...

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Maritime Art Exhibition

ANL Maritime Art Exhibition

3 - 31 Oct 2014


Mission To Seafarers Victoria invites the public to attend Australia's leading maritime exhibition. Themed, 'The Relationship Between Humanity And...

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Clark Beaumont, Coexisting 2013

Art as a Verb

3 Oct - 16 Dec 2014

Caulfield East

Art as a Verb is a major thematic exhibition that takes as its starting point the concept of art as action, both inside the gallery and beyond....

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