Movida Next Door, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Postcards television


The offical page for Postcards, Channel 9's Victorian-based travel program that finds new and exciting things to do each week.

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Grant Bowler, host of The Amazing Race Australia V New Zealand, Channel 7, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

The Amazing Race

The dramatic and awe-inspiring Great Ocean Road is the setting for the anticipated series finale of The Amazing Race Australia V New Zealand.

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Fiona Sweetman, Hidden Secrets Tours, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Photo: Matt Irwin

Insider Guides

Get the inside word on the best things to do around Melbourne from some of the most in-the-know people in town, then dive in for unforgettable fun.

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Naked for Satan, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Meet the players

Curious about the favourite hideouts of local Melbourne personalities and other intriguing characters? Find out who's playing Melbourne.

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RACV Victorian Tourism Awards

Victorian Tourism Awards

Discover the winners of the 2013 RACV Victorian Tourism Awards − delivering the best experiences, outstanding service and always going the extra mile.

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