Four Wheel Driving, Otway Ranges, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
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Victorian road rules

Driving around Victoria is easy once you know what you're doing and where you're going. The major roads between country towns are well made and signposted.

Familiarise yourself with the basic road rules:

  • In Australia cars travel on the left of the road and speed is in km/h not m/h
  • The speed limit in built up or residential areas is 50km/h but can be less so keep an eye out for signage
  • Out in the open road the speed limit rises to 100km and 110km on parts of major highways
  • Speeding is illegal and heavy fines are imposed if you are caught above the limit by police or speed cameras
  • Seat belts are compulsory in front and back seats. Children must be harnessed in a safety restraint appropriate for their age
  • When you are turning right at an intersection you must always give way to vehicles travelling left and any pedestrians crossing the road
  • Pedestrians have right of way at all intersections
  • There is a blood alcohol limit of 0.05. Random breath tests operate around the state in all metropolitan and country areas
  • Drivers are required to carry a licence at all times. International driving licences are acceptable for up to three months, however you will require a Victorian licence after this period

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