Hybrid taxi, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Melbourne taxis are numerous and easy to spot, as they are all painted yellow. Drivers are required to wear a neat uniform and have an identity card on show at all times.

Hailing a cab
Cabs often wait in designated ranks that are clearly signposted at central locations like major hotels in the CBD, or busy spots such as Flinders Street Station. You can also hail a taxi in the street. if the rooftop light is illuminated, it means the taxi is available for hire – Telephone bookings are also available. Outside Melbourne, taxis widely operate in Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo, with additional cabs at country towns throughout regional Victoria.

Fares and surcharges
Taxi meters are clearly visible, so you can keep check of your fare as you go. Late night taxi trips must be paid for in advance. Between 10pm and 5am in Victoria, the driver will ask you for an up-front deposit, based on a table of point to point estimates. Use the fare estimator to work out what your trip is likely to cost. Melbourne cabs attract additional charges like a late night surcharge from midnight to 5am, a fee for phone bookings, a fee for using the Citylink freeway and even a fee for taxis waiting at the airport rank.

Melbourne's major taxi companies include:

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