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Prestigious universities, numerous exchange programs and affordable living make Victoria a major destination for overseas students.

Victoria's universities

Victoria's institutions are internationally recognised for their supportive study environments, quality teaching and high academic standards.

There are nine universities in Victoria:

Exchange programs

Victoria's nine universities have over 800 student exchange agreements in place with institutions in more than 40 countries. For more information on Student Exchange Partnerships with Victorian Universities or Vocational Education and Training (Vet) providers, visit Study Melbourne.

The academic year

Australia's academic year runs from February to December. Applications for tertiary courses usually close in October the previous year, however, many tertiary institutions also offer mid-year intakes.

International students are required to have a level of proficiency in English to enter university. Many learning institutions offer English as a Second Language (ESL) bridging courses, to help students reach English proficiency before starting their main area of study.

Student accommodation and transport

Most universities provide on-campus accommodation and are equipped to help students find a place to live. Accommodation options include homestays, shared housing, apartments and quality campus facilities. As an overseas student in Victoria you may be eligible for public transport discounts.

More information

Visit Study Melbourne for information about finding courses, student accommodation, scholarships, English language courses, jobs and more.

To find out more about visa requirements and application procedures go to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.

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Art and culture

Melbourne is home to world-class arts and cultural heritage institutions, and community events.


Peel back the inner-city onion that is Collingwood and find layers of history, creativity and charm.

Arts precinct

Get some drama in your life with the groundbreaking works inside Melbourne's bulging arts pocket.

Prahran and Windsor

Change pace and follow Chapel Street into Prahran and Windsor, uncovering an independent spirit.

Live music

Melbourne features an ever-changing number of clubs, bars and live music venues.


Revisit student life, linger over espresso, take in Federation history, and eat 'til you burst.


Perch in a Brunswick Street bar and celebrate both change and continuity in this bohemian enclave.

Flinders quarter

Enter the home of the city's creative elite within Flinders Lane's bars, boutiques and galleries.


Melbourne is a melting pot of cultures, a fact reflected in its restaurants, cafes, bistros and bars.


Find where to start your fashion, jewellery, furniture or fine art shopping spree.

City laneways

There's always an exhilarating thrill to be had in Melbourne's hive of bustling, creative laneways.





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