Play Melbourne with me

These four New Zealanders have made Melbourne their home and are taking the city's wining, dining, fashion and design industries by storm. Discover their favourite places and ways to Play Melbourne.

Matt Harrop, Shadowfax Wines, Werribee

Matt Harrop

Winemaker and manager at Shadofax in Werribee, Melbourne, Matt Harrop recommends top spots for wining, dining and relaxing in and around Melbourne.

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Kelly Thompson, illustrator and photographer, Collingwood

Kelly Thompson

Fashion illustrator and photographer Kelly Thompson recommends ways to play in and around Melbourne, including cultural events and touring routes.

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Odette Cahill, Vixen & Velvet, Prahran, Melbourne

Odette Cahill

Owner of interiors business Vixen & Velvet in Prahran, Melbourne, Odette Cahill reveals her favourite places to shop and dine in and around Melbourne.

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Daniel Wilson, owner and chef at Huxtable, Fitzroy

Daniel Wilson

Owner and chef at Huxtable, Fitzroy, Daniel Wilson offers his top picks of the foodie precincts, markets, bars and restaurants in and around Melbourne.

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Play Melbourne (1:15)

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