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The Vocal Ranges Festival will set Kyneton's halls, cafes, pubs and streets vibrating with songs and harmonies from May 5 to 7, through a collection of workshops, concerts, storytelling and singalongs.

From kids to seniors, and beginners to seasoned singers, the festival aims to bring people together, to experience the joy of singing and music across a broad range of genres including folk, spiritual music and contemporary pop.

The weekend will feature a wonderful selection of acclaimed artists such as The Mae Trio, Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan, Kavisha Mazzella, Jane Thompson, James Rigby, Polly Christie, Joseph Bromley and Kate Lawrence.

The Vocal Ranges Festival is a great place to make new friends, bond deeply through the joy of music, attend great concerts and performances and to also connect with your own unique voice.

For more info and to connect with the Vocal Ranges community, find them on Facebook, Instagram or contact via email.

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Price & booking


Type Entry cost
$30.00 - $150.00
Under 12's free with accompanying ticket holding adult
$25.00 - $135.00

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