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Bowl 'em Over!

04 58 825 209

24 Nov 2016, 25 Nov 2016, 26 Nov 2016

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1 Dec 2016, 2 Dec 2016, 3 Dec 2016

Mavis Waghorn's life revolves around her family and her beloved bowls Club. She is the bossy Social Secretary of the local Bowls Club.

Life for Mavis, is organising others and avoiding the need to take a look at her life. Is her Herb really happy at home? And what of the children? Should Mavis give up the bowls to spend more time at home? What would happen if her children all turn up at the Bowls Club? Just who are the Gripe Water Trio?

This fun musical by Carol B. Cole is warm and touching with music composed by Warren Peart. Come along to the Creswick Courthouse Theatre to see Bowl 'em Over!

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