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Tripwire Theatre Inc. Presents: Hollow - a world premiere

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30 Jun - 2 Jul 2017

Hollow is the harrowing story of the families of William and Thomas Graham, and their neighbour Alfred Burman who started out on an adventure on the morning of June 30, 1867. The children become hopelessly lost until they happen upon a Spirit of the Bush, whose hospitality seems to be their saviour. News of the boys disappearance quickly spreads through the community but the long drawn out search eventually ends in tragedy in September of 1867, when the boys were found dead.

What would the mothers be thinking while their husbands went to search each day? What would happen to a normal neighbourly friendship when one women's son was spared and the others were lost? What was the real reason the boys never heeded the advice to return home given by two neighbours that fateful Sunday? Why did the community continue to search for weeks, knowing the cause was lost?

This beautifully written piece of original Australian drama, thoughtfully and passionately explores some of the answers to these questions and leaves audiences answering questions of their own.

Content: Tripwire Theatre Inc.

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Type Entry cost
11-18 years. Not suitable for children under 11
Please provide a valid Student or Seniors card
Two adults and two children
Eight adults at concession price

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