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Chris Humfrey

Owner, Wild Action Zoo

What do you love about where you live?
I love the easy accessibility to Melbourne. It's such a short drive to town, but it feels like worlds away. Where else can you see bountiful wildlife, picturesque scenery and unspoilt forest so close to a major city?

What are your favourite food or wine spots?
Olive Jones of Macedon is my favourite hangout. Everyone treats me like one of the family. Whether it's a hot day spent lounging out in the beer garden or a freezing cold night spent in front of the fire, the ambience is always relaxed, warm and inviting. My favourite dish is their Greek oven-roasted chicken with a glass of shiraz (or two!).

What is your favourite secret location in the region? (Which you may or may not want to share!)
My favourite secret location (all the locals know) is the Macedon Reservoir on Nursery Road, Macedon. Who needs Portsea or Lorne on a 40-degree day when you have the 'res'. Every man and his dog swims, kayaks and just chills on stinking hot summer days. Shhh…don't tell anyone.

My other hangout is Camels Hump lookout on Mount Macedon. Go there on a weekday when everyone is at work or at school. The views of Hanging Rock on a clear day are simply breathtaking. You feel like you could be the last person on earth, and you are surrounded by unique and botanically remarkable snow gums. Why not take a picnic lunch up there? 

What word do you think best describes the region?

What is your favourite time of year in the region and why?
The best time of the year in the Macedon Ranges is late spring – early summer. When the rest of Victoria starts to dry out and turn brown, the Macedon Ranges keeps its green hue for at least a month longer. When the concrete jungle of Melbourne scorches over summer, the Macedon Ranges offers the respite of a ten-degree drop. Now that's cool! 


Mount Macedon

Walk in the footsteps of Melbourne's nineteenth century elite atop Mount Macedon boasting imposing mansions, glorious gardens and stunning vistas.

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