Lakes Entrance, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
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Lakes Entrance

Boasting Australia's largest inland network of waterways, Lakes Entrance has been a popular Gippsland holiday spot for more than 100 years.

Seaside charm
Lakes Entrance is situated on the edge of Ninety Mile Beach, where the waters of the Gippsland Lakes meet the Southern Ocean. Take a stroll down the Esplanade, which lines the shore of Cunninghame Arm inlet. Wander through the marina and foreshore gardens, watch the boats out on the water, and sample the local seafood at local restaurants.

Water-based activities
Cross the footbridge to the popular Ninety Mile Beach surf beach, patrolled by lifesavers during the summer months, or take a hike to 'the entrance' of the Gippsland Lakes. Visitors can enjoy a boat cruise on the Lakes or hire a paddleboat or catamaran in the summer months. Nearby scenic Lake Tyers is bordered by the ocean, a state forest and a river that meanders inland to Nowa Nowa.

Seafood and fishing
Lakes Entrance is a renowned seafood capital thanks to the large number of fishing trawlers operating in the area. However, Lakes Entrance is also well known for its line fishing opportunities. Grab your gear and make the most of the town's easy access to the lakes and ocean, plus a lot of boat friendly amenities across the region's winding waterways.

Things to do

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