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John Abery: Do you Remember? An exhibition of childhood memory

03 5148 9321

Until 25 Sep 2017

In this sculpture exhibition, John explores the nostalgia of childhood memories. He deliberately created the works to be oversized, creating a feeling of wonder and excitement recreating the emotion a child would feel in the presence of a new toy. He hopes these works will evoke a playful memory for everyone who sees them.

John Abery, the sculptor, is exploring and effectively recreating a childhood memory in his adult years. He has deliberately created the sculptures to be large and oversized to emulate the excitement and overwhelming sensation that a child would feel in the presence of a new exciting object.

The sculptor has constructed these objects out of wood, for obvious links to the past of handmade wooden toys that people will remember from days gone by but also because it is a medium that the artist loves to work with and has great respect for.

You can find out more about the sculptor (John Abery) at his website.

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