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Australian Beach Games Lakes Entrance

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Until 25 Feb 2018

Australian Beach Games is a new and exciting multisport games festival, based on a variety of sports that are played on and around the beach. It will be one of the premier and largest participation sporting events on the Australian sporting landscape.

The beach is an integral part of Australian culture. Australians have grown up going to the beach for holidays and playing in the sand and surf. This concept captures everything that Australians love about the beach.

It is expected over 3,000 participants will compete across over 10-20 different sports.

The primary focus of the Australian Beach Games is:

Promoting healthy living and participation in team and individual sports;
Encouraging the general population to become more physically active and healthy through the participation of sport and fitness activities;
Promoting sports, tourism, recreation and cultural facilities in the regions that the events are being held;
and providing a fun environment for people to participate in one or more of the many sports that will be available throughout the games.

The event is open to everyone from ages six to 110 years old and offers participants a wide range of different sports, from triathlon to dodgeball to swimming and more.

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