Porter Republic, San Remo, Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia
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Courtney Eden

Porter Republic, San Remo

The opportunity to take over San Remo's funky Porter Republic ticked all the boxes for Courtney Eden – not only could she put her stamp on the cafe's garden-fresh brunches, it also enabled the lifelong Bass local a chance to stay in an area she truly loves.

In addition to having family and friends close by, Courtney relishes the unique San Remo lifestyle and the locals that she's come to build connections with by providing their daily coffee fix.

'It can be a quiet, almost sheltered lifestyle if you want it, just exploring the coast and the areas around it. But there's also a lot happening. We get lots of great live music here and of course there are some wonderful places to eat and enjoy an awesome coffee – like Porter Republic!'

Courtney is an expert on things to see and do around Phillip Island and San Remo, and dispenses advice along with flat whites on a daily basis.

'Everyone, without exception, should try the coastal walks. There's a track from San Remo to Wonthaggi – you take the George Bass Coastal Walk from San Remo to Kilcunda, and it links in with the Bass Coast Rail Trail to go all the way through. There's another track from Woolamai to Wonthaggi as well that you can walk or ride. The George Bass section is a cliff top walk and the views of the coast are just amazing.'

She takes her own advice and tackles the coastal walks on her days off. 'You walk through a nice mix of farmland and coastal bush, and it's a great way to relax and unwind.'

Courtney also enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews, 'getting outside with them, spending time on the beaches and in the great parks we have here. There's loads of things for kids to do here, and it's great to see them growing up and loving the place the way we did.'

Courtney's tips

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Cape Woolamai Walk

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