Local Produce, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
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Local produce

Discover Gippsland's local produce, from the milk that makes its famous gourmet cheeses to the berry farms, seafood co-ops and organic orchards across the region.

Dairy farms
The lush pastures of West Gippsland support a strong local dairy produce industry that provides much of Melbourne's milk, as well as milk for the area's award-winning export cheeses. The same hills are also the grazing ground for pasture-fed beef, lamb and game.

Local delicacies
If you're travelling through Gippsland in the warmer months, you can purchase or pick your own fruit and berries from a number of local produce farms and orchards. Alternatively, you can buy local produce and free-range direct from the farmer at year-round markets throughout Gippsland. Delis and produce stores stock a wide range of local delicacies, including award-winning olive oils and gourmet cheeses, and they can help you match food produce with local wines.

Fresh seafood
Seafood is also a centrepiece of Gippsland local produce and can be bought cooked or fresh at Lakes Entrance co-operatives.

Giving thanks to the milkers

Prom Country Cheese

New farm gate cheese centre surrounded by dairy pastures on the family farm in the picturesque Moyarra Valley, South Gippsland. Opening 13th...

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