Walhalla Goldfields Railway, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
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History & heritage

With a rich pastoral, mining and maritime history as well as a strong Indigenous culture, Gippsland boasts a wealth of heritage attractions to explore. Uncover stories from the past, learn about the struggles of the early settlers, and wander around old ports, lighthouses and museums across the region.

Real gold
Gold discoveries at Walhalla, Omeo and in the settlements around Dargo resulted in a steady flow of prospectors to the region during the 1860s and 1880s. Relive the days of the early miners on Walhalla's scenic railway or head across to Omeo to tour the old pioneer's hut and the heritage-listed Omeo Oriental Claims Historic Area.

Black gold
The discovery of one of the world's largest coal deposits in the Latrobe Valley brought 'Black Gold' to the region and underpinned Gippsland's growing wealth. Hear stories from the underground on a tour of the decommissioned State Coal Mine and see 'life at it was' in the 1800s at Korumburra's Coal Creek Heritage Village.

Maritime adventures
Delve into the rich maritime history along Gippsland's spectacular coastline. Spend an afternoon wandering through the lovingly restored buildings of Port Albert and journey on to the famous Point Hicks Lighthouse, located on the stretch of coastline where Captain Cook first laid eyes on the Australian continent.

Dreamtime stories
Walk the Bataluk Cultural Trail to hear Dreamtime stories, see scarred trees, weapons, relics and sacred sites, and get an insight into the traditional culture of the first inhabitants of the Gippsland region.


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Gippsland Vehicle Collection

Gippsland Vehicle Collection


From $0.01 - $10

The Gippsland Vehicle Collection provides south east Australia with an outstanding rotating display of interesting vehicles including cars,...

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Sale Historical Museum

Sale Historical Museum


From $2 - $2

The Sale Historical Museum housed in a stylish colonial building originally designed as the administrative headquarters of the Borough of Sale. It...

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Tarraville Christ Church

Tarraville Church


The tiny town of Tarraville, located near Port Albert is notable for its early wooden Church of England - Christ Church. The building is listed on...

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Walhalla Historic Area

Walhalla Historic Area


Walhalla, a rich gold producer for 50 years, is a remote and picturesque mountain township. It is hard to imagine a more difficult site for a town...

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Noojee Trestle Bridge, Noojee, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Noojee Trestle Bridge


Set in beautiful tall forest, the majestic Noojee Trestle Bridge is the tallest surviving wooden trestle bridge in Victoria. The bridge is a legacy...

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dargo heritage

Dargo Heritage Museum


The Dargo Heritage Museum is a unique heritage destination offering the tourist an opportunity to quietly wander back in time and feel the toughness...

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Locomotive hauled 'Dream Come True' train

South Gippsland Tourist Railway


From $18 - $18

Travel through the rolling hills of the Strzelecki Ranges on Heritage rolling stock. We regularly run Victorian 1928 Diesel Electric Rail Motors,...

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Crossing the Thomson River

Walhalla Goldfields Railway


From $15 - $50

Take a captivating historical train ride along cliffs and over bridges, traversing gorges, rivers and landscapes that change with the seasons.

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Museum Front Entrance.

Gippsland Regional Maritime Museum Port Albert

Port Albert

From $5 - $6

The Gippsland Regional Maritime Museum Port Albert is located in Gippsland's first port, Port Albert, discovered in 1841 by the survivors of the...

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