Toombon, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
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Aberfeldy Track

Gippsland's Aberfeldy Track is certain to be considered one of Victoria's greatest driving experiences. It combines rich history, striking landscapes and the thrill of touring on rugged, unsealed terrain. The Aberfeldy Track is made up of around 180 kilometres of road, beginning at the town of Erica and creating a figure eight circuit around Aberfeldy. The route passes through some of the area's most stunning landscape, from rugged bush land to breathtaking mountain top views.

Launched in 2013, this track reflects the original Aberfeldy track from the early 1800s, which was used as a transportation route for horse and carts during the gold rush. Its modern incarnation explores the tales of local families, famous travellers and important figures from long ago, retelling their life stories from the late 1800s through a series of interpretive signs set amongst historic ruins in the forest.

Grade: Medium to difficult

Distance from Melbourne: 125 kilometres (approximately)