Pillar Point, Wilsons Promontory, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
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Penguins to Prom Touring Route

Leg 3: Fish Creek to Wilsons Promontory
61 km / 38 miles, about 1 hour

Follow the C444 out of Fish Creek. Leave yourself plenty of time for detours to the beautiful hamlets of Sandy Point and Waratah Bay via the C445. The two coastal townships feature sweeping beaches with stunning views to Wilsons Promontory National Park, and are particularly popular during the warmer months.

Continue along the C444 until you reach Wilsons Promontory National Park. 'Wilsons Prom' as it is affectionately known, is the southernmost tip of mainland Australia and regularly attracts nature enthusiasts from around Australia and worldwide. There are over 30 established walks of varying duration and over 30 species of native mammals to be spotted. Secluded beaches, cool fern gullies and spectacular rock formations make the Prom perfect for walking, bird watching and, of course, exploring. Pitch a tent at one of the campsites, or rough it in style in a contemporary cabin to get the most out of your visit to the Prom.


Wilsons Promontory, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Wilsons Promontory

Wilsons Promontory National Park sits at the southernmost tip of the Australian mainland, offering visitors stunning scenery and wildlife.

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Walking, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Inspiring Gippsland Walks

Experience Gippsland's vast and diverse wilderness by traversing one of the many walking trails within national parks or along the coast.

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Swimming at Wilsons Promontory, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia


Gippsland boasts some of the state's most beautiful beaches, perfect for all types of visitors be they families, anglers or surfers.

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Walking the Prom