Churchill, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
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Valley to Sea Touring Route

From the heart of Latrobe to a maritime past
112 km/70 miles, about 1.5 hours

Uncover the hidden gems beyond the city limits of Latrobe City (Moe, Morwell and Traralgon).

The bustling Princess Freeway and the power generation area give way to the pretty Morwell River Valley and the quaint town of Yinnar. Across country is Churchill, an education hub for the region and an unexpected fishing hotspot.

Travel further south and discover one of the region's most loved national parks, Tarra Bulga. Lush gullies, giant mountain ash trees and tree ferns are perfect for a picnic and an invigorating walk.

As you wind your way towards the coast you'll encounter Yarram, a charming town with a dairy heritage. Port Albert was Victoria's first established port and is your final stop on this scenic drive. Delve into the local maritime history, have a meal at the historic pub, or join the throngs for some relaxing fishing.

Yinnar, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Leg 1: Morwell to Yinnar

16 km/10 miles, about 15 minutes

Drive through the power creation area from Morwell to Yinnar, a quaint town brimming with creativity.

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Cycling at Churchill, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Leg 2: Yinnar to Churchill

10.1 km/6 miles, about 8 minutes

Continue north to Churchill, stopping for a leisurely paddle or row in the warm waters of Hazelwood Pondage.

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Port Albert, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Leg 3: Churchill to Port Albert

86 km/53 miles, about 1 hour

Head south towards the stunning Tarra Bulga National Park and onto historic Port Albert by the sea.

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