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Adventure Flights - Gippsland

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Bandicoot Adventure Flights

The ultimate adrenaline pumping adventure thrill ride for those of you daring enough to try Bandicoot Adventure Flights' Aerobatics Adventure Flights.

There are three levels of flight.

Level One Pitts (15 or 20 minutes): Aileron Rolls, Barrel Rolls, Loops, Stall Turn. Steep Turns.

Level Two Pitts (25 minutes): All the above, plus: Slow Rolls. Spins upright. Half Cubans and Hesitation Rolls. Inverted Flight.

Level Three Pitts (30 minutes): All the above, plus: Inverted Turns. Vertical Rolls. Full Cubans.

Price & booking


$250.00 - $395.00

Indicative rates. Rates vary between chosen flight level. Please visit the website for all pricing and booking information.

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Days of operation:
  • Flights are daily from 10:00 am as per availability in our booking system.

    Departure details: 25/02/16 - 25/02/20

    Daily: 10:00am - 06:00pm

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Tour operator

Bandicoot Adventure Flights are the only company east of Melbourne where you can experience a unique range of flights and aircraft that include the ultimate adrenaline pumping adventure ride for those of you daring enough to try an Aerobatic Adventure Flights in the Pitts Special.

For the more relaxed, you can also enjoy Serenity Adventure Flights in the Tiger Moth taking in the beautiful sites around Gippsland.

Bandicoot Adventure Flights have two Tiger Moths that can fly you and your friend in formation together, no other operator in Australian offers this experience.

Bandicoot pilots can also offer you Scenic and Joy flights in more conventional aircraft. (Operated by AOC VT058062).

Whilst Based at Latrobe Regional Airport, we also operate at Lakes Entrance and Yarram.

Advanced training is available in our Pitts Special for existing pilots who have - at minimum - a Private Pilot License (PPL). Prior to flying the Pitts Special, it is recommended to get your get your endorsements in Constant Speed, Tail Wheel and initial Aerobatics endorsement in easier to fly and less expensive aircraft.