Art and culture: Bendigo

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  • The Great Stupa after completion

    The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion

    Attraction - Myers Flat, Goldfields

    The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion Exhibition Centre has a vast collection of sacred Buddhist relics on display that have been offered from many ...

  • Bendigo Joss House

    Bendigo Joss House Temple

    Attraction - Bendigo, Goldfields

    From $4 - $18

    At the Bendigo Joss House Temple you can discover more about the Chinese migrants who came to Bendigo in search of gold so long ago. The Bendigo Joss ...

  • KutaRorschach

    Ben Quilty

    26 Dec 2014 - 1 Mar 2015

    Event - Bendigo, Goldfields

    Works from Ben Quilty's recent solo exhibition at London's Saatchi Gallery will feature in a new exhibition at Bendigo Art Gallery. One of Australia's ...

  • Ulumbarra Theatre

    Ulumbarra Theatre

    Attraction - Bendigo, Goldfields

    Bendigo's Ulumbarra Theatre is in the final stages of construction as it rises majestically from within the walls of the Central Victorian City's 1860's ...

  • The Capital Venues

    The Capital - Bendigo's Performing Arts Centre

    Attraction - Bendigo, Goldfields

    The Capital is Bendigo's hub for performing arts, exhibitions, events and corporate functions. It is magnificently located in the charming arts and cultural ...

  • VAC Facade: Julie Rrap, Outer Space, 2010

    La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre

    Attraction - Bendigo, Goldfields

    The La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre is a multipurpose contemporary visual arts facility. Located in the heart of Bendigo's arts precinct, it features ...

  • Bendigo Art Gallery
  • Bendigo Planetarium

    Discovery Science & Technology Centre

    Attraction - Bendigo, Goldfields

    From $10.50 - $43

    With loads of interactive exhibits to explore, you won't know what to try first at Discovery Science & Technology Centre! Be sure to look out for the ...

  • Pottery Gift Shop

    Bendigo Pottery

    Attraction - Bendigo, Goldfields

    From $4 - $30

    Explore the gallery showcasing ceramics and artwork or throw a pot on the wheel and create your very own piece of art.

  • Golden Dragon Museum and Dai Gum San

    Golden Dragon Museum

    Attraction - Bendigo, Goldfields

    From $6 - $28

    Make time for the Golden Dragon Museum, a living history of the Chinese people of Bendigo from the goldrush of the 1850's to the present day.