Old Court House, Dunolly, Goldfields, Victoria, Australia
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Lying in the centre of Victoria's historic goldfields, Dunolly is surrounded by stunning ironbark forests, rich farmland and sprawling vineyards and olive groves.

Eat, drink and explore
Make the most of your stay and sample regional wines and local produce while unwinding in boutique accommodation. Take a drive and discover nearby villages, state parks and waterways, or just stroll along Dunolly's beautiful main street lined with kurrajongs and gold rush architecture. Visit the museum and search for family history or learn about the town's colourful past at the visitor information centre at the Rural Transaction Centre. Substantial public buildings, like the Court House and Town Hall, are open on request and volunteers will host a guided tour through the town and its history.

Back in time
During the gold rush era of the 1850s and '60s, Dunolly and the surrounding district turned up more gold nuggets than any other region in Australia and became known as the 'Golden Triangle'. The largest gold nugget in the world, the 69 kilogram 'Welcome Stranger', was found in nearby Moliagul. See a replica of the famous nugget at the Goldfields Historical and Arts Museum.

The outdoor type
Get on your bike and ride the Dunolly Cycle Tracks, a series of signed forest roads and tracks of varying length between 14 and 47 kilometres. As well as Dunolly, routes pass through the old goldrush towns of Tarnagulla, Bealiba, Waanyarra, Betley and Goldsborough.

Things to do

Maldon, Goldfields, Victoria, Australia

Heritage walks

See the grand buildings in Ballarat and the impressive architecture of Bendigo, as well as the splendid Victorian streetscapes of Maldon and Dunolly.

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