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National parks & reserves

Get outdoors in the Goldfields. Wander across a landscape teeming with bird life, kangaroos, wallabies and wildflowers, and discover thousands of relics from Victoria's mining era.

After the gold rush

See echoes of the past everywhere you tread in the Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park and the Greater Bendigo National Park. Try your hand at trout fishing in the Loddon River, take the family camping or visit the famous Eureka Reef.

Back to nature

Experience what the forests were like before the gold rushes on a walk through Box-Ironbark forests in the Heathcote-Graytown National Park. Visiting in the spring? Be sure to make the trip to the Paddys Ranges State Park to see the breathtaking wildflower displays.

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National parks & reserves

National parks & reserves

Paddys Ranges State Park

Well-known for its wildflowers in springtime, Paddys Ranges State Park is home to 30 types of orchids and more than 140 native bird species like the...

National parks & reserves

Terrick Terrick National Park

Home to many threatened species, the granite peaks of Terrick Terrick National Park contrast with areas of remnant native grasslands. This is an...

National parks & reserves

Mount Alexander Regional Park

Rising 350 metres above the surrounding area, Mount Alexander Regional Park is a prominent landmark offering magnificent views and a natural forest...

National parks & reserves

Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park

From the remains of house sites and puddling machines to the gold mines and gullies that yielded up fortunes, Australia's first national heritage...

National parks & reserves

Pink Cliffs Reserve

Wander through intriguing mini gorges and cliffs of fine pink clay at this geological reserve. A great spot for bushwalking and photography.

National parks & reserves

Greater Bendigo National Park

This park protects some of the highest quality Box-Ironbark forest in north-central Victoria, along with mallee and grassy woodlands. This is an...

National parks & reserves

Maldon Historic Reserve

Located in and around the township of Maldon, the Maldon Historic Reserve protects many relics from the gold mining era - abandoned shafts and...

National parks & reserves

Heathcote-Graytown National Park

Easily accessible by road, the Heathcote-Graytown National Park is a great place for bushwalks. Mt Ida and Viewing Rock provide views of Heathcote...

National parks & reserves

Kooyoora State Park

A great spot for picnicking, walking, rock climbing and orienteering. Don't miss the Melville Caves, once a hideout of bushranger Captain Melville.


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