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The Goldfields Track

Walk or ride this superb 210 kilometre trail that connects the towns of Ballarat and Bendigo via the scenic villages of Castlemaine, Hepburn, Daylesford and Creswick.

History in the wilderness

Get back to nature and get a glimpse of Victoria's rich history. Follow this magnificent trail as it weaves its way through old mining sites, silent forests, tranquil waterways and across the Great Dividing Range.

Bit by bit

Following the Great Dividing Trail, and stretching from Mount Buninyong to Ballarat to Bendigo via the beguiling villages of Creswick, Daylesford, Hepburn and Castlemaine, the well-signposted trail is split into three tracks. Each track includes shorter sections, walks, and challenging mountain biiking, so it's easy to plan anything from a scenic stroll or roll to a challenging multi-day hike or biking expedition.

Take a break

Emerge from the track and rest weary legs by replenishing at noted cafes and restaurants in the Goldfields villages. You may find returning to the track difficult once you get caught up in the galleries, shopping, wineries and farm gates around the villages.

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The Goldfields Track


The Goldfields Track - Wallaby Track

Pack bikes for the family on this part of the Goldfields Track, or go it alone for some awesome mountain biking along historic goldrush trails.


The Goldfields Track - Dry Diggings Track

Mountain bike over climbs, descents and crossings, plus the renowned Poverty Gully water race, or walk and enjoy the scenery and gold mining relics.


The Goldfields Track - Leanganook Track

Get ready for a number of steep ascents with plenty of satisfaction waiting at the completion, plus some exhilarating mountain biking opportunities.


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