Market Building, Castlemaine, Goldfields, Victoria, Australia
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Castlemaine Town Tour


Length: 1 kilometre
Walk: 1 hour, 20 minutes 
Start: Market Building, Mostyn Street
Finish: Market Building, Mostyn Street
Stops: 10
Nearby: Castlemaine

This short walk around Castlemaine is a great way to see the town and learn about its fascinating history.

Download the audio files below to your iPod or pick up an MP3 player already loaded with the tour from the Castlemaine Visitor Information Centre and discover what life was like during the gold rush.

Stop 1 Market building (7:17, 6.8MB)
Stop 2 Theatre Royal (6:34, 6.2MB)
Stop 3 Burke's Monument (7:18, 6.9MB)
Stop 4 Miss Herron's house (8:41, 8.1MB)
Stop 5 Gold warden's office (2:23, 2.3MB)
Stop 6 Timeline mural (9:32, 8.9MB)
Stop 7 Library (4:25, 4.25MB)
Stop 8 Agitation Hill (18:29, 4.2MB)
Stop 9 Patterson Monument (6:23, 17.3MB)
Stop 10 Market Building return (8:38, 6MB)

Download complete podcast (74MB)

Download PDF map (6.9MB)

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