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Old Castlemaine Gaol Tours

Why not bring the kids along to the Old Castlemaine Gaol for a specially designed tour for kids. During their time here, they will learn about the history of the Goldfields, experience what it was like to be a prisoner here, and play some great gaol themed games.

They can even make their own handcuff to take home with them.

Parents can use this time to relax in the Governor's Cafe, or do their own self-guided tour of the gaol.

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$10 per child

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  • Kids tours will run during school holidays only. For details and times and dates, please see the website.

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During the height of the Goldrush, Castlemaine was a booming mining town with enough criminals in its midst to warrant its own gaol. First built in 1861 and active for 130 years, it has seen men, women and children pass through its gates, some who were destined never to leave. Come join one of our tours to find out what lies behind the walls of the Old Castlemaine Gaol.

Self-Guided Tours: For those short on time, or just wanting to wander the Gaol by themselves. Limited areas available. Available everyday (except major holidays).

Guided Tours: Gain access to areas closed to the self guided tours - sit in the cell where condemned men spent their final night. Walk the stairs to the hangman's noose where 10 men met their final end and hear the stories of the prisoners incarcerated in these cells. Weekends only and public holidays.

Ghost Tours: Experience the Gaol at night, and find out the gruesome stories of those inmates who died here. There are several different ghost tours on offer with either a historical or theatrical nature, to appeal to those serious ghost hunters and those just wanting a scare. See website for dates.

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