Daffodils, St Arnaud, Grampians, Victoria, Australia
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St Arnaud

Prop up a bar in one of the many historic pubs in St Arnaud and let locals bend your ear with tales tall and true about the town's history. St Arnaud has a pub for every couple of hundred residents, so you'll have no trouble finding a place for refreshments as you wander along its heritage streetscapes.

Historic town
Dig into gold-rush history, when the town was known as 'New Bendigo'. Admire the grand old buildings with their cast iron lacework verandahs as you take in the town's historic precinct, featuring the 1866 post office, the old court house and Victoria's oldest fire station.

Test your history mettle and trace St Arnaud's connections to the Commander of the French forces in the Crimean War, Jacques le Roy de Saint Arnaud, who lies buried with Napoleon in Paris.

Celebrate the town's history at the annual St Arnaud Festival in November.

Gardens and bushland
Survey St Arnaud's manicured gardens, such as the Queen Mary Gardens in the centre of the town, and its surrounding bushland from the lookout atop Wilsons Hill. Get into St Arnaud Range National Park and explore Teddington Reservoir, its abundant native flora and fauna, and nearby lakes and rivers that are well stocked with fish.

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St Arnaud Range National Park

St Arnaud Range National Park

St Arnaud Range National Park features mainly steep, forested terrain and is an ideal place to experience what the forests of Central Victoria were...

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