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NUTBUSH Dancing World Record Attempt

0427 840 324

26 Nov 2017

A community event in Horsham to set a new World Record for the most people performing the Nutbush dance. The aim is for 400 people to dance the Nutbush for five minutes and 15 seconds.

The current record was set in Horsham in 2015 with 254 dancers. The age range for participants last time was eight years to 90. In the weeks leading up to the attempt, dance classes are available to ensure that everyone is doing the correct steps.

Dancers must attend at least one dance class to qualify for the attempt.

Content: Arapiles Cycling Event Committee

Price & booking


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Includes your official Nutbush Horsham uniform T-Shirt. Please see the website or Facebook site for the next up-coming dance class.

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  • Car park
  • Public toilet