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The World Sailplane Grand Prix comes to Horsham, NSW in December 2016 a race series for 20 of the top pilots from Australia and overseas. This is a fast demanding and highly competitive race between beautiful and technologically advanced sailplanes using only the suns energy as their power source; it is the world’s first carbon neutral sport.

Grand Prix racing in sailplanes is the most competitive, exciting and exhilarating form of sailplane racing, it requires great concentration and skill to seek out and make the best use of the available energy in the air and at the same time employ tactics to gain an edge over the other competitors whilst flying at speeds faster than a F1 car.

Each race takes place around a closed course of about 200 km and usually takes about two hours depending on the weather conditions in the race area with up to 20 gliders competing simultaneously.

Each race is a test of the pilot’s patience and tactical ability. The pilot who successfully implements his chosen strategy and uses the most appropriate tactics to achieve the fastest speed will be the winner.

Content: The Gliding Federation of Austraila Inc

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