Hamilton Art Gallery, Grampians, Victoria, Australia
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Art galleries

Make plenty of time in your Grampians itinerary to browse the region's standout galleries, boasting some of regional Victoria's finest works.

Galleries to gloat about
Find inspiration at Horsham Art Gallery, famous for its Australian paintings and extensive collection of photographs, with works by Max Dupain and other distinguished photographers.

See the Grampians region through the ages via thousands of works at Hamilton Art Gallery, noted for its colonial paintings and modernist additions, silver, glass, porcelain and oriental ceramics.

Catch national touring exhibitions at Ararat Regional Art Gallery, home to a superb fibre and textile collection.

Small galleries big on talent
You'll receive warm welcomes at the smaller private galleries and studios dotted around the region, established by artists attracted to the area's natural beauty.

Stop in to view and buy artworks in roadside cellar doors, in studios with cafes, or set in extensive gardens like Moco Gallery in Halls Gap. Visit others with specialist focus, such as the painted bone china works at the Mount Lonarch gallery, the textile workshops in Wartook, or the eclectic mix of media and subjects at Ros McArthur's studio tucked away at Mirranatwa.

Be amazed at the creativity of the tiny township of Dunkeld, a setting that inspired many early Australian painters including Louis Buvelot, Eugene von Guerard and Nicholas Chevalier.

The Grampians' earliest artworks
Don't miss the chance to view the region's earliest art galleries, with ancient Aboriginal paintings tucked beneath rock shelters throughout Grampians National Park, telling the stories of the creators of the land.

Interior Ros McArthur Art Studio

Ros McArthur Art Studio

Ros McArthur Art Studio is located in the large garden of "Woollahra" sheep farm in the Victoria Valley, an area known for its production of...

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Ararat Regional Art Gallery

Ararat Regional Art Gallery

Ararat Gallery is renowned for its collection of contemporary fibre and textile art, one of only two such collections in Australian regional galleries.

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Horsham Regional Art Gallery

Horsham Regional Art Gallery is one of Australia's best rural galleries, housed in the elegant 1930s Art Deco former Municipal Offices.

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The Taylor Gallery

Hamilton Art Gallery

Exhibitions include silver, porcelain and glass from the 1700s onwards, oriental ceramics, watercolours, prints, and Australian oil paintings.

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Steve Morvell Wildlife Art

Steve Morvell Wildlife Art Studio is located in the picturesque Halls Gap, in the Western Victorian region of the Grampians. Steve Morvell is a...

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