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Step into the 'garden of Victoria' in the Grampians region, home to more than one third of Victoria's flora, in subalpine forest, shrub woodland, heathlands, swamps and riverine.

Winter flowers into spring

Come in spring to see wildflowers in bloom throughout the region, though you'll be blessed with plants in flower all year round. Admire late winter displays of massed acacia along Rose's Gap Road that are replaced by miles of Grampians thryptomene in spring, when tiny white blossoms turn to delicate pinks and light browns.

You'll also find upland heaths in purples, pinks and whites, ground hugging grevilleas and, in shaded areas, beautiful native orchids. Shaded surface moisture supports the delicate necklace of Maidenhair ferns.

Overwhelm the senses with the colour and fragrances of the riotous blooms in wildflower nurseries surrounding the Grampians.

Southern plains and northern grasslands

The southern plains of the region hosts numerous wildflowers and native grass species, purple, pink and orange peas, flowering shrubs, bluebells, pincushions, green and red correas. To the north, grasslands support eremophila and the open woodlands have their own displays of orchids, flowering shrubs and trees.

In most of the parks and reserves, walk though the understorey carefully to see Greenhood, Golden Moth, Tiger and Sun orchids. There are spring garden and wildflower displays, both exotic and native, endemic and Australian species.

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