Giraffes at Halls Gap Zoo, Grampians, Victoria, Australia
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See kangaroos, wallabies, emus, echidnas and a myriad of bird species at home in their natural habitats in the Grampians region.

Keep your eye out for over 200 species of birds, 35 species of mammals, 28 species of reptiles, 11 species of frogs and six kinds of native fish in the region's varied environment.

Encounter kangaroos and wallabies
Marvel at the sheer number of kangaroos and wallabies, whether wandering the main streets of Halls Gap and Pomonal, or in paddocks and bush land surrounding towns and villages, unconcerned by passers by.

Keep the camera at the ready for the sight of male emus shepherding youngsters on a foraging expedition, or echidnas seeking out an insect feast.

Catch a glimpse of endangered species
Admire wedge-tailed eagles as they soar high, and see parrots, lorikeets and honeyeaters feeding on forest plants.

In the desert country, try and catch a glimpse of the shy desert mallee fowl or endangered red tailed black cockatoo. In the heathlands expect wrens, robins, whistlers and fantails as they flit from ground to bush.

At dawn and dusk, listen for the laugh of the kookaburra, or after dark for the calls of the powerful owl, boobook owl and even the shy tawny frogmouth. The evening is also a fantastic time for viewing possums and sugar gliders.

Animals up close
Take the chance to get a good look at many of the local creatures at Halls Gap Zoo and chat to the keepers about the quirks of these curious native animals.

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Animals meet and greet you at Halls Gap Zoo

Halls Gap Zoo

Halls Gap Zoo is Victoria's largest regional zoo exhibiting over 160 native and exotic mammals, reptiles and birds from cheetah, giraffe, meerkats,...

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