Abseiling, Grampians, Victoria, Australia
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Rock climbing & abseiling

Be inspired, by the Grampians region's seemingly insurmountable rock faces and international reputation, to beat your previous best rock climbing and abseiling efforts.

Dramatic rock formations
Join climbers from across Australia and around the world to test your skills on the sheer rock faces at the Grampians National Park and at Mt Arapiles, a stunning peak just west of Horsham that boasts some of the most dramatic and demanding rock formations in Australia.

Climb Mt Arapiles
A combination of reliable weather and an extraordinary array of cliffs, pinnacles and bluffs has made Mt Arapiles the most popular climbing and abseiling destination in Australia. The mountain boasts more than 2,000 designated climbs, ranging from easy ascents for beginners to level 30 climbs, the most extreme ascents.

Climbing and abseiling courses
The Grampians National Park is home to hundreds of exciting climbs, especially on the rugged cliff faces of Mounts Stapylton and Rosea. Local adventure companies offer a variety of climbing and abseiling courses including introductory lessons for the novice and programs covering advanced skills for the experienced.

Absolute Outdoors Australia

Grampians Rock Climb and Abseilling

Absolute Outdoors Australia

If the family is looking for something adventurous to do together, how about the idea of tackling one of the many rock climbing sites in the...

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Rock climbing in the Grampians and Mount Arapiles

Grampians Mountain Adventure Company

Welcome to the Grampians Mountain Adventure Company, where a friendly, professional rock climbing and abseiling guides/ instructors show you the...

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