Canoeing, Lake Bellfield, Grampians, Victoria, Australia
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Canoeing & kayaking

You're never far from water in the Grampians region, with streams, lakes and creeks dotting the landscape and providing ideal settings for canoeing and kayaking adventures.

View the region from out on the water
Get a different perspective of the region from out in the middle of a lake as you paddle along to the sound of birdsong. Hire a canoe from a local operator and cruise the waters of lakes Bellfield, Fyans, Hamilton or Wartook. Explore the secluded shoreline vegetation, uncover the fascinating geology and watch the abundant bird life as you make your way around these vast lakes.

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Grampians Canoe

Absolute Outdoors Australia

Canoeing and kayaking can give you the chance to relax and unwind surrounded by striking natural landscapes. Following a safety briefing, qualified...

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