Johanna Beach, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
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Beaches along the Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean Road region has some of the most impressive beaches in Australia. Discover kilometres of clean, golden sand, and majestic waves all along the Victorian coastline.

Apollo Bay
Wide, crescent-shaped sandy beach. Protected waters make it excellent for swimming. Popular with families. Lifesavers patrol in summer. Surfing nearby. On the Great Ocean Road.

Blanket Bay
Nestled in the Otway National Park this protected beach, adjoins the Blanket Bay Camping/Picnic area. There are lots of great rockpools for children to explore at either end of the beach. Take care when swimming because this unpatrolled beach can get choppy and may have rips. Off the Great Ocean Road, about 35kms from Apollo Bay.

Castle Cove
Located on a spectacular bend of the Great Ocean Road at Glenaire, Castle Cove is easily accessible with towering cliffs, a pull-over parking bay and steps to the beach. The area has high archaeological significance, with dinosaur fossils found there in recent times. This unpatrolled beach is not recommended for swimming.

Towering cliffs frame the pristine sandy beach. Excellent surfing. An alternative venue for world surfing titles when there's no surf at Bells Beach. Unsafe for swimming. Off the Great Ocean Road, about 30kms from Apollo Bay.

Wreck Beach
The name 'Wreck Beach' derives from the visible signs, in the form of anchors, of two ships wrecked along the beach, the 'Marie Gabrielle' in 1880 and the 'Fiji' in 1891. Marie Gabrielle anchors, from a shipwreck in 1869, is part of the capstan from the French barque are located near Moonlight Head. This ship was on route from China with a load of tea when it hit the reef after being forced ashore by strong winds.

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