Gibsons Beach Great Ocean Walk, Victoria, Australia
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The Great Ocean Walk offers a range of options for walkers of every skill level. Walk one, or a few days, sampling the finest sections, or take on the entire eight challenging days. Along the way you’ll find accommodation, guided and self-guided tours, transport, equipment and great food and wine.

Tours (guided)
There are several licensed tour operators who offer guided walking tours along the Great Ocean Walk. They can help you out with everything from finding a camp site to obtaining permits. They also give great tips on the best places to eat whilst you're on your guided tour. You can tailor your tour to suit the amount of time you have from overnight, 2-day walks to seven nights and eight days on your journey.

Walking independently (self-guided)
The Great Ocean Walk also allows you to travel independently, or with one of the several licensed tour operators who offer packages that include detailed track notes, accommodation, and shuttle services that pick you up and drop you off at various locations along the walk. When taking a self-guided option along the Great Ocean Walk, be sure to check out the things you need to know when planning your walk.

Alternative routes
One of the most accessible features of the Great Ocean Walk is the the flexibility to customise your walking experience whilst on track based on the environment. You can bypass coastal routes and take shelter from strong sun, bad weather or high tides. These are marekd along the walk as 'Decision Points' (DP) numbered (1) to (11). Alternative inland routes are clearly marked with signs and exist in all areas except (1) Storm Point, (3) West of Bald Hill, (9) Johanna Beach and (10) Milenesia Beach. Where no alternative inland routes exist, conditions like heavy rain, rough seas and high tides may make crossings at Elliot, Parker and Johanna Rivers challenging or impossible. You should only attempt to walk along the coastline during low tide and calm sea conditions.

Keep on track
The Great Ocean Walk includes a mixture of tracks, gradients and surfaces, including rock platforms, sandy beaches and vehicle tracks. Be alert for cars when walking on shared vehicle tracks, and fallen tree limbs when walking through forested areas. Keep to the track when you are hiking. This protects native vegetation, reduces spread of disease, and also keeps you safe.

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