Lake Bullen Merri, Camperdown, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
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Take the picturesque inland route to the 12 Apostles and discover Camperdown located on the world's third largest volcanic plain. The region's lush pastures are home to dairy farms producing mouth-watering cheeses, which can be sampled and purchased at nearby Timboon. For an indulgent afternoon, settle in for a refreshing ale and gourmet lunch at Camperdown's Red Duck Provedore.

Lakes and craters
Climb to the top of Mt Leura and Mt Sugarloaf and take in 360-degree views of the coastal ranges and rolling western plains. Volcanic activity has shaped much of the surrounding landscape, leaving a legacy of cones, lakes and craters to explore.

Keen fisher-folk will enjoy the chance to snag a few trout or chinook salmon at the many nearby lakes and streams.

Rail trail
For a dose of fresh country air, climb aboard your bike and head along the Camperdown to Timboon rail trail to take in rolling green pastures, lakes, historic trestle bridges and pristine bushland.

Things to do

12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

12 Apostles

Witness the rugged splendour of the famous 12 Apostles, magnificent rock stacks that rise up from the Southern Ocean on Victoria's dramatic coastline.

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Canoeing, Lake Bullen Merri, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Canoeing and kayaking

Paddle out to sea on a kayak and explore the Great Ocean Road region from bays and ocean waves or take a canoe on the lakes, rivers and estuaries.

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Fishing, Portland, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia


Target snapper, tuna and kingfish along some of the best ocean fishing grounds along the Great Ocean Road or cast a line for river bream or whiting.

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