Tours: Portland

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  • Gummy Shark

    Portland Offshore Charters

    Tour - Matthew Hunt Fishing Services, Great Ocean Road

    From $300 - $1,400

    The fish rich waters off Portland offer anglers some of the most varied fishing you can experience. Sharks, snapper, whiting, flathead, striped trumpeter. ...

  • Bluefin Tuna

    Tuna Charters - Portland

    Tour - Bagout Fishing Charters, Great Ocean Road

    From $250 - $1,700

    During the tuna run each year from March to July Bagout Fishing Charters port at Portland, Victoria in order to target the Southern Bluefin Tuna. Portland ...

  • Southern Bluefin Tuna

    Portland Bluefin Tuna Fishing

    Tour - Matthew Hunt Fishing Services, Great Ocean Road

    From $250 - $1,800

    When the migratory bluefin schools hit the Southern coast of Australia the Portland Boat Ramp goes into overdrive. This fish is also on the top of any ...

  • Auswalk Walking Holidays

    Auswalk Great South West Walk - Self Guided Inn-to-Inn Walking Holiday

    Tour - Auswalk Walking Holidays, Great Ocean Road

    From $1,945 - $2,945

    Auswalk Walking Holidays shows you one of Victoria's best kept secrets. A 250 kilometre continuous loop track that includes dramatic coastlines, the ...

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