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By The Meadow's fifth birthday will take place from April 6-8, 2018. A three-day, two-night, one-way trip to paradise (with five candles on top).

An all-day, most-of-the-night party;
An omni-sense prix fixe;
An excuse to exhale over and over and over.

Introducing the class of 2018: A hand-picked journey through the current Australian music scene.

Fazerdaze - Tiny Little Houses - Gum
Nadia Reid - Stella Donnelly - 30/70
The Harpoons - Billy Davis & the Good Lords
The Ocean Party - Flowertruck - Daydreams
Htmlflowers - Leah Senior - Darcy Baylis
The Senegambian Jazz Band - Suss Cu Nts - Dianas
The Attics - Kult Kyss - Pjenne - Danny Barwick
Househats - Rat!hammock - Quivers - Zellow

Located just 90-minutes South-West of Melbourne, Bambra sits on the edge of the Otways. It is lush. It is a small step from picture perfect.

Total capacity is carefully capped at just 900 to maintain a cosy atmosphere.

The aprés-dance offerings are regionally focussed. Craft beers courtesy of Rogue Wave Brewing, some of the tastiest cool climate wine in Australia from various Otway Hinterlands vineyards and pop-up food stalls operated by local restaurants.


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