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Madiba the Musical - Warrnambool

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27 - 29 Sep 2018

International critics have hailed it as a story that touches our hearts, magnificent, breathtaking and fascinating.

The powerful and uplifting Madiba the Musical is a soul-stirring celebration of the visionary leader Nelson Mandela. The epic show pays tribute to the charismatic icon and activist whilst exploring the struggles, racial conflicts and divisions behind his unyielding crusade for reconciliation in South Africa. The show about destiny and desire springs to life with vigour and heart, and looks to forgiveness beyond the hate.

It is a story of forbearance, passion and hope in the fight for a brand new world of modernity and freedom. With its pulsating African dance, strident and haunting drama, stunning visuals and inspiring songs, Madiba the Musical is a unique theatrical experience to lift our spirits.

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