Waterfall, Great Otway National Park, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
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Hear the roar of falling droplets pounding into the waters below at spectacular waterfalls and cascades in the narrow valleys of the Otway Ranges and surrounding Great Ocean Road region. Base yourself at Lorne or Apollo Bay for scenic forest drives and relaxing walks and picnics.

Beauchamp Falls
Walk through magnificent mountain ash forests with large myrtle beech, blackwood and thick ferns. The track becomes steep before opening to the spectacle of the falls crashing over a ledge into a large pool. An hours return walk from the picnic area, located off the Aire Valley Road from Beech Forest Road.

Cora Lynn Cascades
The beautiful Cora Lyn Cascades flow over a series of exposed shale ledges. A 90-minute, strenuous return walk from Blanket Leaf picnic ground, off Erskine Falls Road.

Currawong Falls
The Currawong Falls are at their best in the winter and spring and the site offers fine views of the surrounding countryside. A 4-hour return walk from the Distillery Creek picnic ground.

Erskine Falls
One of the most popular falls in the Otways, an easy walk brings you to an overlook of the falls cascading 30 metres into a beautiful fern gully. Moderate walk down steps to base of falls. An 8.5-kilometre drive from Lorne on the Erskine Falls Road.

Hopetoun Falls
Viewing platform at the car park offers a view of the roaring water as it pounds into the Aire River. The path is steep to the valley floor where it passes through a glade of tree ferns to the foot of the falls. The Aire Valley is a short distance south, offering a beautiful area with a backdrop of towering Californian Redwoods. A 30-minute return moderate walk to the falls located 26 kilometres east of Lavers Hill off Aire Valley Road.

Little Aire Falls
Walk through magnificent fern gullies and mountain ash forests, highlighted by a viewing platform elevated seven metres in the canopy overlooking the Little Aire Falls. A 2-hour return walk, located off Lavers Hill-Beech Forest Road.

Marriners Falls
View magnificent tree ferns, lichens and mosses, with a close view of the falls. A 40-minute return walk, located at the end of the Barham River Road.

Phantom Falls
Spectacular falls along the St Georges River from the Allenvale Road car park. A 90-minute return walk, 2 kilometres out of Lorne.

Sheoak Falls
While not falling for a great distance, the water passes over a dark rock face within a natural amphitheatre, making for spectacular viewing. An hours return walk to the falls from the car park, 3 kilometres south of Lorne, off the Great Ocean Road.

Triplet Falls
This magnificent waterfall has three broad cascades set in a ferny rainforest of stately Myrtle Beech trees. A 1.8-kilometre return walk via the Lavers Hill-Beech Forest Road.

Upper and Lower Kalimna Falls
Tall rainforest trees and dense tree ferns fringe the falls. A 3.5-hour return return walk from the Sheoak picnic ground, off Allendale Road.

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