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Princess Margaret Rose Cave

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Cruise up the Glenelg River or drive into the national park and visit the Princess Margaret Rose Cave, one of the most spectacular limestone caves in Australia. Descend into a subterranean showcase of semi-translucent and backlit stalagmites and stalactites more than six metres long.

Slow growing grandeur
Witness the flow stone form sculptures and miniature landscapes that could be from another planet. Go into the depths of this 700,000 year-old cave, first discovered in 1936 and marvel at the stalagmites and stalactites that can take around 50 years to grow a centimetre. In some parts a drop of calcifying water might fall on a stalagmite just once a day.

Take a guided tour
Make your way to the cave on a river cruise that will take you through a spectacular gorge, where the river has cut a swathe through soft limestone – one of the rivers most stunning features.

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