Great Ocean Walk, Bay of Islands Coastal Park, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
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National parks & reserves

Observe deserted coastlines with towering limestone stacks and immense sand dunes to ancient rainforests and old volcanoes in national parks and reserves in the Great Ocean Road region, displaying the diversity of nature at its very best.

Marine and coastal parks
Pounded by wild seas and fierce winds, the coastlines of the Port Campbell National Park and Bay of Islands Coastal Park have been sculpted over millions of years to become one of the most breathtakingly beautiful natural areas in the world. Further down the coast the Discovery Bay Coastal Park is a majestic 50-kilometre sweep of ocean beach, huge dunes and coastal lakes.

Rainforest and inland parks
Some of Australia's best rainforest scenery can be found in the Great Otway National Park. See ancient mossy trees, cool fern gullies, waterfalls and a coast of tall cliffs and sandy beaches.Visit Lower Glenelg National Park offering stunning river scenery including a spectacular 15-kilometre long gorge and the Princess Margaret Rose Cave.

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Point Danger Marine Sanctuary

Point Danger Marine Sanctuary


Located in Torquay, one of Victoria's favourite seaside towns, the reef is ideal for snorkelling and exploring the diverse marine life at low tide....

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