Four Wheel Driving, Otway Ranges, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
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Four-wheel driving

Get off the beaten track of the Great Ocean Road and head deep into the Great Otway National Park for either easy or challenging four-wheel driving and some great camping and bush scenery. Just an hour's drive from Geelong, the Otways have a lot to offer for all four-wheel driving skill levels. Roads and tracks in the Otways are driveable in a standard four-wheel drive when it is dry, but mud tyres and a winch are necessary when it is wet.

Base yourself in Forrest for a weekend of four-wheel driving. Tracks of interest around the area are Cowley track, Goat track, Noonday track, Number One Spur track, West Barwon track, Turtons track, Delaney's Road and Curtis Road. Alternatively, the area around Lavers Hill provides further opportunities to explore the Otways and its star attractions. Tracks in the area include Egan track, Mount McKenzie Road, Number Nine Ridge track, Holy Water track, Bennets track and Heffernan track.

Great Ocean Road