Great Ocean Walk, Victoria, Australia
12 Apostles, Great Ocean Walk, Victoria, Australia
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At your own pace

Strap on your walking boots and hit the spectacular Great Ocean Walk to explore the diverse and inspiring landscapes of Victoria's rugged west coast. Take your time and walk the whole 104km coastal route or choose a section that suits your itinerary. Weave through lush national parks teeming with wildlife, discover deserted beaches and historic shipwreck sites, and gaze out over pristine marine sanctuaries. At the end of the day, throw down your backpack at on-track campsites or take it up a notch with a night at an eco-lodge or luxury retreat.


Hiking, Great Ocean Walk, Victoria, Australia

Day walks

Bring some supplies and hit the trail for a full day exploring the rugged beaches, towering cliffs and lush forests along Victoria's Great Ocean Walk.

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Wreck Beach, Great Ocean Walk, Victoria, Australia

Short walks

Discover the Great Ocean Walk at your own pace. Take a short walk of up to three hours long to see old shipwrecks, historic lighthouses and lookouts.

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Milanesia Beach, Great Ocean Walk, Victoria, Australia

Walk itineraries

Opt for a Great Ocean Walk itinerary and choose from suggested walking routes of varying duration and spend up to 8 days on track amongst nature.

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Along the way


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