Hiking, Great Ocean Walk, Victoria, Australia
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Day walks

Got time to spend a whole day on the trail? Those looking for walking routes of up to six hours in length will find plenty to choose from along the 104-kilometre Great Ocean Walk. Aire River, Cape Otway and Shelly Beach are all great places to start. Make use of local shuttle services, available for pick up and drop off between or accommodation, or choose one of the return walks, accessible from the parks' main visitor nodes. The time, distance and terrain make these walks more challenging than the short walks.

Johanna Beach, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Aire River to Johanna Beach Hike

Hike through diverse terrain from Aire River to beautiful Johanna Beach and pass a heathland of spring wildflowers and experience awesome sea views.

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Aire River, Great Ocean Walk, Victoria, Australia

Cape Otway to Aire River Hike

Walk to Aire River from the Cape Otway lightstation, carving your way through wind sculpted dunes, coastal scrubland and calcified cliffs.

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Shelly Beach, Great Ocean Walk, Victoria, Australia

Marengo to Shelly Beach Hike

Follow the path along low cliff tops overlooking the ocean, exposed hilltops from Marengo beaches to picturesque and sheltered forest at Shelly Beach.

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Princetown, Great Ocean Walk, Victoria, Australia

Princetown to Glenample Hike

Hike from Princetown along cliff tops through coastal scrubland and low heath to Glenample and be rewarded with spectacular views of the 12 Apostles.

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Short walks

Great Ocean Road