Wreck Beach, Great Ocean Walk, Victoria, Australia
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Short walks

Everyone from seasoned hikers to weekend wanderers will find a route to suit their holiday scehdule and fitness level along the winding 104-kilometre Great Ocean Walk. Settle into a full circuit walk for something new to see at every stage or make your way back along the same path for a different perspective. Shuttle services are available for pick up and drop off between your parked car or accommodation, and key points along the trail. Short walks are around 2-3 hours in length and range in difficulty from easy to hard. All routes are circuit and/or return walks and are easily accessible from main park visitor nodes.

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Aire Bridge, Great Ocean Walk, Victoria, Australia

Aire River Escarpment Lookout Walk


Discover the peaceful estuarine waters of Aire River, the Hordenvale Wetlands and the impressive view from the Escarpment Lookout over the ocean.

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Day walks

Great Ocean Road