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Shacky is a self-sustained tiny home around two hours north of Melbourne.

Nestled within a beautiful olive grove, wake up to streaks of golden sun filtering through the trees. Explore picturesque hills, say hello to curious sheep and most of all, take time to relax, recharge and go back to basics.

Shacky is an extension of the beautiful landscape of regional Victoria. It will give you a unique experience unlike any other.

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Price & booking


$199.00 - $249.00


Simple tiny houses with all the comforts of home but none of the stress. Designed for a truly unique getaway experience, Shacky helps you discover the hidden gems of Australia. Your Shacky comes completely self-sufficient. Fresh linen, bath towels, biodegradable shower products and wood for the stove. For the full list of amenities and optional extras such as hampers and other goodies, you can find out on the booking page of your chosen Shacky.

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