Accommodation: Chiltern

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  • Front of butter factory

    Springhurst Butter Factory

    Accommodation - Springhurst, High Country

    From $35 - $420

    The Springhurst Butter Factory, built in 1893, is an accommodation delight to suit couples, families or groups. Centrally located in the middle of North ...

  • Jamel Lodge

    Jamel Lodge

    Accommodation - Chiltern Valley, High Country

    From $200 - $600

    If you yearn to experience country life, Jamel Lodge offers it all. Jamel Lodge is situated on large-acreage farmland in the North East of Victoria so ...

  • Chiltern Cottage and Indigo Suite Comfort

    Chiltern Cottage

    Accommodation - Chiltern, High Country

    From $145 - $225

    Chiltern Cottage and Indigo Suite offer newly renovated, cosy Chiltern accommodation located in a beautiful historic building in the heart of Chiltern, ...

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