Outdoor activities: Falls Creek

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  • Historic Huts Loop, High Country, Victoria, Australia

    Historic Huts Loop

    Attraction - High Country

    Take a packed lunch and breathe in the picturesque views along this easy trail that takes you past the historic Wallace's Hut, built in 1889.

  • International All Mountain Trail, Falls Creek, High Country, Victoria, Australia

    International All Mountain

    Attraction - High Country

    Enjoy a heartstopping thrill ride down International, taking in outstanding rock features as the trail winds its way into the Village Bowl.

  • Gully Flow Trail, Falls Creek, High Country, Victoria, Australia

    Gully Flow

    Attraction - High Country

    Climb aboard your trusty bike and head down this flow trail from the Wishing Well to the Gully, complete with fantastic berms and killer views.

  • High Times McKay trail, High Country, Victoria, Australia

    High Times McKay

    Attraction - High Country

    Challenge yourself to this technical uphill climb and be rewarded with magnificent views from the summit of Mt McKay.

  • Wombats XC, Falls Creek, High Country, Victoria, Australia

    Wombats XC1/2

    Attraction - High Country

    Discover this expansive one-way single track. Test yourself on the entire loop, ride the uphill and downhill separately, or just hit the downhill.

  • Marm Point Paralyser trail, High Country, Victoria, Australia

    Marm Point Paralyser

    Attraction - High Country

    A gruelling Falls Creek ride that lives up to it name. If you're feeling good, extend your ride and take on the Mt Nelse challenge.

  • The Aqueduct Trail, Mount Beauty, High Country, Victoria, Australia

    Aqueduct Trail

    Attraction - High Country

    The Aquedcut Trail has been re-sheeted from Rocky Valley Lake to the Wishing Well: a flat and gentle ride, this trail is perfect for any ability.

  • Bogong Brumby Run, High Country, Victoria, Australia

    Bogong Brumby Run

    Attraction - High Country

    Enjoy the stunning views of the Alpine National Park and spot a brumby or two on this true High Country epic around Falls Creek.

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